Suzan Matos RA

As an Architect
My design practice is about finding the best of what the site, house, or building has to offer and blending that with the needs, hopes, and desires of the client to create a well organized and thoughtful backdrop for the life they want.

As an Interior Designer
Creating beautiful, light filled, and practical solutions for every day living in an existing space that suits the client’s requirements presents a complex four dimensional puzzle I find enthralling.

As a Garden Designer
Connecting interior spaces to nature can bring a sense of groundedness and tranquility. Building outdoor living spaces with natural materials and plants that solve site issues such as water management, accessibility, and privacy that also support native species is integral to the long term sustainability of the project.

As a General Contractor
Quality construction, use of time tested materials, and methods while incorporating new technologies and improvements on the past by highly skilled, careful, and considered craftsmen is key to bringing buildings into the twenty first century and having them be useful for a lifetime are the hallmarks of my approach to construction.

As an Preservationist and Environmentalist
Restoring and improving existing buildings so they function effectively for years to come is one of the most environmentally sound things we can do. Rejuvenating our built environment while preserving historic architecture brings unique character to the project and its surroundings.
Sound construction practices that improve and protect the environment are critical to good health and well being. Creating spaces to grow habitat for the local flora and fauna to thrive is key to our own ability to thrive.


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